samedi 6 novembre 2010

Rationalism v. faith

 Modern rationalists use empiricism in order to understand how the Metaverse works unlike the Continental Rationalists of yore,
 Reason removes mountains of  ignorance whilst faith rests on the argument from ignorance. Faith begs the question of its subject and it the we just say so of credulity as when anyone openly doubts the supernatural, the supernaturalists say just have faith!  Science, as Sydney Hook notes is acquired knowledge, whilst faith begs the question of being knowledge.
 Alister Earl McGrath, in discussing faith with Clinton Richard Dawkins claims that faith just adds certitude to what  believers find evidential; but no, it has the chilling effect of stifling real doubt. As William Kingdon Clifford would note, we can provisionally find something probably true but never on faith or otherwise just continue checking out the matter without accepting it. Thus, William James is wrong similarly.
  Fellow inquirers, how do you see the two?

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